About The Series

“There are a few things that every detective needs: sharp senses, intuition, curiousity, determination, an understanding of human nature and the ability to put all the clues together to tell a story.”

Ruby Skye

Ruby Skye lives in a world filled with mysteries.

And she has to solve them all… no matter how many friends it costs her. Smart, stubborn, determined and a little too quick to jump to conclusions, Ruby makes a lot of hilariously unfortunate choices in her pursuit of truth, justice and, well…. personal curiousity.

There is mystery and adventure all around us if you know where to look and Ruby certainly knows where to look, who to follow and when to snoop. When she’s caught the scent of a mystery, Ruby will stop at nothing to unravel the clues. Daring and dogged, Ruby is incredibly resourceful when she’s on a case. That kind of prying can get a girl – and her (suddenly former) friends — into some pretty sticky situations. Only quick thinking and a deep knowledge of YouTube can save her.

At her side for many of her adventures, is Ruby’s geek-girl sister and unwilling sidekick, Hailey. Happy-go-lucky and easy going, Hailey is the antithesis of her angst-ridden older sister. But squabble though they may, Ruby and Hailey are also an unstoppable team.

Ruby’ nemesis is Diana Noughton, who hates Ruby for highly mysterious reasons. But even though Ruby doesn’t know the source of Diana’s dislike, she definitely knows the consequences of it. Diana can be downright evil! Try as she might, Ruby can’t resist a little retaliation now and then.

Whether it’s uncovering an email scam originating from the school computers or investigating the strange late-night goings on at her local library, Ruby’s investigations are intriguing, exciting and hilarious.

Ruby Skye PI is an award-winning web series produced by Story2.OH in Toronto with the financial assistance of the Independent Production Fund (IPF) and the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).

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