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Published on July 6th, 2014 | by Jill


The Maltese Puppy – Episode 7

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The Maltese Puppy – Episode 7 is called…

Rats Nest

Ruby is devastated to think of Zoffi in jail. She tells Edmund about it. By his reaction she realizes that Edmund knows what Zoffi was doing the night of the robbery. Edmund won’t tell her what it is and calls her “a pain in the butt”. Ruby can’t imagine what secret is worth going to jail for.
Then Ruby gets an email from Pixel’s owner Trudy Snood who wants her dog back. When Ruby goes home to tell Hailey, Hailey is gone. So are all her clothes…. and Pixel!

Like the first two seasons of Ruby Skye P.I., The Maltese Puppy stars Madison Cheeatow. The Maltese Puppy – Episode 7 (and all the other episodes of the season) was written by Julie Strassman and Jill Golick and directed by Kelly Harms.

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Teen detective Ruby Skye finds herself in the middle of not one, but three mysteries! Who stole the fabulous furry Flobbles from FONK, the local children’s charity? Who owns the adorable white puppy that her sister, Hailey, wants to keep? Who is that little kid and why does she keep following Ruby? In her quest for justice (and answers), Ruby accidentally destroys a crime scene and annoys a detective. Her list of enemies is growing by the minute and includes her little sister, her maybe boyfriend, the victim of the crime and every one of the suspects. At least the puppy still licks likes her….  Can Ruby find the bad guys, make her sister happy and win back all her friends? Watch The Maltese Puppy to find out.

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