Secret Sister Signaling System Decoder Card

Secret Sister Signaling System

If you have a rotten sister…

You need the Secret Sister Signaling System…

…And the Secret Decoder Card.

Click here to download your own copy of the Secret Sister Signaling System Decoder Card.  And then watch The Maltese Puppy and find all the secret sister signals hidden in the movie.

All three funny and mysterious Ruby Skye P.I. movies are available on iTunes:

The Maltese Puppy including the Secret Sister Signaling System on iTunes Store

The Skye Sisters, Ruby and Hailey have been using the Secret Sister Signaling System to communicate for years. It’s their own special code. Using coloured hair elastics, they can send each other secret messages that no one else understands.

This video is a joke “infomercial” Hailey made about the Secret Sister Signaling System. She doesn’t really think her sister is rotten… at least, she doesn’t think it ALL the time.

The Haunted Library on iTunes

The Spam Scam on iTunes

Watch the three Ruby Skye P.I. movies and let us know which of the two sisters you like best, Hailey or Ruby.

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