Ruby Skye PI - The Haunted Library - Episode 5: Edmund

Published on October 6th, 2012 | by Devin

The Haunted Library – Episode 5

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Episode 5: Edmund!


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More clues and even more mystery: the secret to Ava’s will is still out there, and Ruby is hot on the trail.

After a long, scary night searching for more clues in O’Deary library, Ruby and Hailey have learned at least one thing: the library is definitely haunted! Pursued by shadowy figures, floating books and creepy noises, the two sisters are seriously freaked out!

Luckily, their spooky night wasn’t a waste: more clues have led them to Ava’s email address, To their surprise, the ghost of Ava answers their email, bringing them several steps closer to the Will.

Hailey’s Pink Lemonaid Stand in support of Because I Am A Girl  is set to begin in the morning. Ruby is hot on the trail of the Will.  But she’ll find herself making a hard choices — and seeking help from an unexpected source.

Solve the clues before you watch the next episode!  Ruby finds clues 5 & 6 in this episode.  Take a closer look at them right here.  Send us your answers clues at rubyskyepi dot com.

Check out the other sites in The Haunted Library world.

Start with the haunted library itself.  Over on the O’Deary Library site you’ll find lots of book love, poll and more to keep you busy for a while.

Solve some of Ava’s puzzles at O’Deary Puzzles.

Both Hailey and Diana have Tumblrs and so does that band they like; The Mint Chip Girls.

And make a donation to Hailey’s Because I Am A Girl fund raising campaign!  You don’t want Diana to win, do you?

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