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The Maltese Puppy is Ruby’s third mystery!

The appearance of a mysterious puppy coincides with the disappearance of donated toys from a children’s charity. Ruby’s investigation quickly leads to the destruction of a crime scene, the arrest and possible deportation of a beloved refugee, the disappearance of the puppy and then of Ruby’s little sister, Hailey. Ruby Skye is on the case.

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Taking over her sister’s dog walking route, Ruby Skye stumbles onto a crime scene. Intriguing! While Ruby shoots a video of the investigation the dogs get away from her. They run through the crime scene, trampling the evidence. Furious, the investigating officer, Detective Von Schlagen, tells Ruby to stay away from his crime scene. Obviously he doesn’t know Ruby Skye, because those are words that are meaningless to her. It is not until she gets home that Ruby realizes that in her haste to collect the dogs she’s somehow ended up with an extra one: a fluffy white puppy!

The accidental dognapping goes from bad to worse when Ruby’s little sister, Hailey, thinks that the puppy is a present from Ruby. Hailey names the puppy Pixel and seems as determined to keep her as Ruby is to find the dog’s real owner.

Meanwhile, Ruby learns more about Detective Von Schlagen’s investigation: Friends of Needy Kids (FONK), a local charity, has been robbed of a shipment of cute furry toys called Flobbles. Ruby quickly deduces that the “Flobbery” was an inside job. FONK’s three employees become Ruby’s chief suspects. FONK’s founder, Colin Cumberbund has an airtight alibi. But Ruby soon discovers that his over-caffeinated assistant, Reeny Mussolini, has lied about her alibi. Of equal interest is Zoffi, who works several part-time jobs and is a friend of Ruby’s “sort of” boyfriend, Edmund O’Fyne.

As if the mysterious Maltese and Flobble robbery weren’t enough to keep Ruby busy, she’s got other problems to contend with. First of all, Hailey and Edmund are up to something and they won’t tell her what it is. Plus, some little girl is hiding behind trees and watching Ruby’s every move. What’s that about? Finally, Ruby’s nemesis, Diana Noughton, is hanging around and making life miserable at every turn. Ruby has had just about enough of her.

Ruby pulls out all the stops to solve this one.

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Teen detective Ruby Skye finds herself in the middle of not one, but three mysteries! Who stole the fabulous furry Flobbles from FONK, the local children’s charity? Who owns the adorable white puppy that her sister, Hailey, wants to keep? Who is that little kid and why does she keep following Ruby? In her quest for justice (and answers), Ruby accidentally destroys a crime scene and annoys a detective. Her list of enemies is growing by the minute and includes her little sister, her maybe boyfriend, the victim of the crime and every one of the suspects. At least the puppy still licks likes her….  Can Ruby find the bad guys, make her sister happy and win back all her friends? Watch The Maltese Puppy to find out.

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