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Published on May 3rd, 2011 | by Julia


Arbor Day

The first-ever Arbor Day was held in Nebraska on April 10th, 1872. An estimated one million trees were planted that day because of growing concerns about the deforestation of the prairies.

Now, over a hundred years — and many, many millions of trees — later, the Arbor Day tradition continues every year all over the world. Although many countries celebrate on different days (and in some places, including Ontario, entire weeks!), Arbor Day unites the world in the effort to make the earth a greener place.

Fun Fact: in 1997, after 125 years, Arbor Day reached it’s height of popularity. A man named David J. Wright noticed that the name “Arbor Day” had been trademarked by the National Arbor Day Foundation in Nebraska for the publication of their book of the same title. That meant that no one but the Foundation could use the name “Arbor Day.” After launching a website and defending the matter to the US court, Wright’s efforts resulted in the term “Arbor Day” being in the public domain.

This means that anyone anywhere at any time they wish can celebrate an Arbor Day of their very own.


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