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Published on March 31st, 2011 | by Julia


Last Minute Pranks

If you don’t have a plan yet, here are a few April Fools tricks you can try out tomorrow!

Who doesn’t like cake?

Let’s face it, most people like cake, but how about, say, toilet paper cake? It’s the easiest cake ever. All you need is a roll of toilet paper and icing (and some sprinkles if you’re feeling eager). Simply take the toilet paper roll as is and slather it with icing – the thicker the icing, the better. Sprinkle it with sprinkles, stick it on a plate, and treat your family to their favourite dessert! Yum?


This one will drive everyone nuts. Go around your house and change all the clocks to a different time! No one will know to rush out the door or collapse on the couch.


Set all the clocks to 2 hours later. This’ll get everyone rushing out the door and yawning on the subway.

Take this one even further and go to the dollar store and buy a handful of cheap alarm clocks. Set them each for different times and hide them all over the house – stick one in your parents’ briefcase for an irritating surprise at work.

For the Birds

There’s no better place for birds to eat than the top of a car. Layer your car roof with birds seeds and bon appetit! Your parents will just love listening to them peck-peck-peck away.


Did you know that if you sprinkle salt on butter it generates heat?

It actually doesn’t, but your victim doesn’t know that. Put a stick of butter on a plate, sprinkle it with salt, and urge your victim to feel for heat and slap!  As soon as he touches the butter, push his fingers down deep into it! Butterfingers.

Anyone you know like to knit?

This one’s a bit complicated and time-consuming, but well worth it! When your prank-ee is out, go into their room with a roll of yarn, and, well, start tying. Tie yarn from a book to the bedpost to the light to the dresser to the bookshelf to the closet to the lamp – anywhere you can see that’s tie-able

The trick? Don’t cut the yarn (makes it too easy for the room’s inhabiter to find a way through the obstacles).

Take it even further and hide all the scissors in the house!

Happy April Fools Day!


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