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Chapter 5 The Maltese Puppy: The Key Element Recap

Lets take a look at Chapter 5 The Key Element! The episode begins with Hailey returning from her visit to the vet with Pixel when they run into Ruby. After advising Ruby that Pixel does not have a chip and is all healthy Ruby reminds her baby sis not to get too attached. Pixel does belong to someone else, the question is just who?


After her quick chat with Hailey, Ruby goes into the coffee shop to grill barrista and part-time FONK employee Zofi. But first she spies the coffee maker and Suspect #1 Reeny Mussolini making all sorts of googly eyes at each other. (How about the chemistry between Zofi and Reeny? Obviously there’s some major crushin’ going on there… Also how much coffee do you think actress Hannah Spear, AKA Reeny Mussolini, had to drink while filming this season?!)

Ch5 ZoffiReenyStare

Once Reeny hightails it out of there Ruby sidles up to Zofi and tries to find out what he was up to Wednesday night. She is quickly (and politely) rebuffed. Always quick on her toes a sticky-fingered Ruby “borrows” Zofi’s keys and hesitantly declares him Suspect #2. But lets be honest here, Zofi’s so sweet and kind and a friend of Edmund’s too, could he really be capable of stealing beloved toys from needy kids?! Say it ain’t so Zofi!

Ch 5 Key Grab

Back at home a determined Ruby fashions a copy of Zofi’s FONK key from paper and a plastic bottle.


With the makeshift key in hand Ruby heads out and ends up having an unpleasant run-in with frienemy Diana.


Later that night Ruby makes her way over to FONK and once inside  she stumbles upon a misplaced diary – a misplaced diary that just so happens to be the property of one Diana Noughton!

Ruby makes her way into Reeny’s office and starts looking around only to have Reeny come in not too long after her. A quick thinking Ruby hides under the office desk and bides her time by reading Diana’s diary. (Oh Ruby, not cool man.)

In the final moments Ruby makes two big discoveries: Someone’s bullying Diana and Reeny’s got a dangerous date set up for the following day!

Ch 5 Bomb

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