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How P4A Works!

It’s Project for Awesome!

In an earlier post, we looked briefly at the Project for Awesome‘s history and the participants. Now we’re going to show you how it works. YouTube channels with many and few subscribers upload videos using the same pre-chosen thumbnail so that YouTube is awash with the same image for all the videos uploaded in the charity movement. Users can choose their own charitable organization to represent, or they can help support other users in their quest to raise money.

The sixth Project for Awesome is gearing up, so there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, sign up for the mailing list at the official website to get notification of livestream times and participants, and items you can bid for to raise more money for chosen charities. At noon EST on 17th December, YouTube users around the world will upload their videos about a nonprofit organization they believe in using this year’s thumbnail. The videos can be embedded on and users can vote for it to become one of the P4A focuses of the year.

Watch videos, change the world!

In the video, you can watch John Green’s P4A video briefly explaining the way things are going to unfold from December 17th for more detail (and added John freakouts about topping the recent NYT 2012 [amazon_link id=”0525478817″ target=”_blank” ]book[/amazon_link] list!).

You have until Monday to put together your video—remember John suggests adding video footage of the nonprofit in action! If you don’t feel like putting together your own video, P4A is still a great deal of fun. You can donate to your favourite nonprofit, watch the livestream shows and participate in promoting and voting for nonprofits. It’s a lot of fun! Oh, and a little birdy tells me that you’ll be able to find links to P4A videos right here on O’Deary!

This year, we’ll be supporting Because I Am A Girl with a Project for Awesome video by Ruby Skye P.I. team members Marlee (Hailey Skye) and Sarah (manager of Diana’s Tumblr).  So get ready to like, comment, share and watch plenty of great videos on December 17th and 18th!

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