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Project for Awesome

Decrease World Suck!

Project for Awesome, or P4A as it’s more commonly known, is an annual gathering of YouTubers, Nerdfighters and general do-gooders to decrease world suck and raise money for various charities. This year’s project for awesome starts on December 17th and runs for an entire 48 hours—mark your calendars, people! In the video above Hank Green gives a brief explanation about the very first Project for Awesome:

Project for Awesome began in 2007 as a charitable movement driven by Hank and John Green, otherwise known as the Vlogbrothers. They called upon the YouTube community to create and upload videos on the same day—December 17th—to increase awareness for their chosen charities and drive donations for those charities. Since then, the Project for Awesome train has grown considerably larger, attracting YouTubers such as Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, and so on.

Watch videos, support great causes!

If you’re interested in the kinds of things P4A raises money for, you can visit their official website here: Last year’s P4A helped raise money to build a well in Haiti, support the Trevor Project, and generally raise over 71 THOUSAND dollars for various charities. That’s a huge amount considering this is a community driven charity drive over the internet. Pretty darn awesome.

This year, we’ll be supporting Because I Am A Girl with a Project for Awesome video by Ruby Skye P.I. team members Marlee (Hailey Skye) and Sarah (manager of Diana’s Tumblr).  So get ready to like, comment, share and watch plenty of great videos on December 17th and 18th!

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