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Published on July 15th, 2010 | by rubyskyepi


More Coffee!!!

There is so much to do. No time for sleeping. I’m at my desk till late and back at it early, swilling coffee. It’s 10:30 and I just brewed a second pot… all right, not brewed, french pressed with organic beans from The Green Grind. Mmmm. I’ve been thinking of putting a logo on my site that says powered by The Green Grind. I digress.

Yesterday, as you may have noticed, we posted a casting breakdown.  Submissions are pouring in.  I have to stop myself from looking at photos and resumes.  I have other things to do and a time set aside for that in the company of Kerry and Kelly.  We’ve distributed the casting call in a variety of ways.  Because we’re looking for some teens, we’ve posted the call at some acting camps and schools and passed it on to the acting teachers we know.  We’ve also posted on sites dedicated to casting and good old Craig’s list.  And we’ve pumped the link out to our own social media networks.  Between us, we have some serious reach in that department, verifiable by the stats and the incoming traffic on the site.

I’m psyched to see how we can build a community for Ruby Skye PI using social media tools, given that individual members of the team are starting out with know how and cred.  I’m not just talking about Karen Walton here, who is clearly a genius in the social media space.  One member of our team I haven’t mentioned yet is Dorice Tepley.  Dorice has awesome social media skills to contribute to the project.

Building out our social media strategy is part of tomorrow’s agenda but we know that creating assets for the web and providing a deep experience for our fans is an essential element.  We plan to offer a deep “backstage” experience, meaning that we’ll pull back the curtain and give you access to lots of the action behind the scenes.  To that end, we’ll be inviting different people to help document our production especially when we’re shooting.  Mark Montefiore, who all of us adore, has agreed to come do some documentary shooting during production and we’ll share his footage with you as we go along.  I’m so excited by this idea!

All right, gotta refill the coffee and start in on the to do list which involves getting the REAL website jump started.  Can’t wait!

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