Published on June 12th, 2013 | by Devin

Embroidery on Set: A Ruby Skye P.I. Extra

Marlee Maslove walks you through the basics of embroidery on the set of Ruby Skye P.I.!

Looking for a new hobby to pick up in your spare time? Maybe something a little easy, that doesn’t cost too much or take up too much time (those are some pretty specific rules for a hobby!)? Marlee Maslove and Ruby Skye P.I. have you covered!

In this week’s Ruby Skye P.I. Extra, Marlee (Hailey Skye herself) shows off one of her favourite hobbies: embroidery! Here, you’ll see that Marlee is doing a little embroidering in between takes on the set of The Haunted Library. And just what is she embroidering, you ask? Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s the Ruby Skye P.I. logo!

Watch as Marlee walks you through the materials you’ll need to get your own embroidery patterns going, and shows you just how easy the process is. It’s a pretty awesome little skill to have at your disposal, so give it a try sometime!

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