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Just what is a Nerdfighter?

I have a confession to make: I am a nerdfighter.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing! We fight for a better world, to have the right to be ourselves, to decrease world suck and increase world awesome.

So what is a nerdfighter?

Nerdfighters are the general community brought together by the Vlogbrothers, a youtube channel created by John and Hank Green. The Vlogbrothers have been part of the youtube community for many years. John Green is the author of popular bestselling YA books, including the Printz Award winner [amazon_link id=”0142402516″ target=”_blank” ]Looking for Alaska[/amazon_link]. Hank Green runs, writes songs about Harry Potter and quarks and plays games at the aptly titled Hankgames youtube channel.

The video above is a crash-course in Nerdfighting provided by none-other than the Vlogbrothers themselves!

Nerdfighters are fierce supporters of world rights, and rally together to help friends in their smaller units of the community, or on a larger scale at, the Harry Potter Alliance or for This Star Won’t Go Out, an Esther Earl charity. The Nerdfighters make up one of the largest groups on, which supplies micro-loans to real people in countries around the world who need to buy supplies for their shop, are funding a water well and so on. They have already helped a vast number of people protect their livelihoods and continue surviving harsh conditions. In August 2012 they became one of the first groups to lend $1 million in micro-loans and last year’s annual Project for Awesome, a youtube wide fundraising project over one weekend raised well over $70, 000 for numerous charities. I think you can agree that’s quite a bit of money for a group to raise over the internet, and it just goes to show how far the Nerdfighter reach is.

Of course, while we’re doing amazing things for the world we’re also incredibly silly.

The other fantastic thing about the Nerdfighters is that you can be yourself and still find a great community of people who accept you for you. So, whether you’re really into science, world history and biology (, reading, Harry Potter  or just general all-round wackiness, there’s always a space for you in the Nerdfighter community. The only rule? Don’t forget to be awesome—DFTBA!

–  Hailey out!


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