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Top 10 Reasons Why Sisters Rock!!

Sisters are the best. Seriously. Sure sometimes they borrow your stuff without asking, and yeah they get on your nerves and they forever think they know more than you. But they’re also always there for you, the best friend you’ll ever have and will happily sit through a Harry Potter marathon.

So here are the top 10 reasons why sisters rock!

1. Someone to look up to

Older or younger our sisters will always have a quality we admire and aspire to have. Whether you’re a do-gooder philanthropist techie like Hailey, or an inquisitive mind with an insatiable thirst for the truth like Ruby; your sister is always your number one supporter, even if they don’t show it.


2. Someone’s clothes and accessories to borrow.

Having a double wardrobe is by far the cat’s meow and makes sisters good for yet another thing. Even when you don’t fit into your sister’s clothes that doesn’t stop you from permanently borrowing that Forever 21 fedora you’ve been eyeing but neglected to buy yourself.


3. Tag team parents when arguing

We all know that two brains are better than one! The larger the army the more luck you have when winning a debate about how late you can stay at the party. Sisters are your number one line of defence against the big bad curfew.


4. Easy choice for a maid of honour

She was most likely the first to know you were dating and heard about every spat. She listened to every romantic gushy detail of every adorable thing between the two of you and was the first one you called right after you said yes! Need I say more!


5. Always there to give you advice

We all have those days when life just kind of sucks. Your sister is there to listen to your moaning while you throw yourself a pity party and then promptly snap you put of it!

6.  Someone who knows what you are thinking before you say it.

Some call it telepathy; I just call it superior sibling intelligence. It’s a great way to be lazy and never have to finish your sentences.

How'd did she know?!

7. Test how make up looks on her first

This is a no brainer! That new shade of Monroe red might be enough to blind the masses but one quick application on your little sister you’ll know for sure. They are your tiny little blank canvases to which you can experiment on!

Make Up

8. She listens without judgment.

Sisters aren’t just there to eat the veggies you can’t stand before they reach you at the dinner table. They are the best person to just listen when you need a non-judgmental ear.


9. Warn you about teachers she had in school

Sometimes it’s good to get a heads up about a particular pet peeve a teacher has. Having some insider information on what not to do is always a great way to get a leg up on the competition. A little help with your homework never hurt either.


10. Someone to have adventures with

Whether you’re building a couch fort, watching a movie, or planning a trip together your sister is your forever companion. She will compliment your excursions with life long memories of laughter, tears and joy!


I hope you enjoyed my top 10 reasons why having a sister rocks. What other reasons can you think of? Share in the comments below!

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