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Published on August 7th, 2011 | by Jill


Fresh From the Spam Filter

I love this scam email I got recently because the plea supposedly comes from Kofi Annan who is the former Secretary-General of the U.N.  A typo in the email calls him the “formal secretary General”:

I am Mr. KOFI ANNAN formal United Nations secretary General; I hope that you will handle this mails with utmost secret and confidentiality.

I have USD54M in a secured bank vault which I made from gratification during my period as the UN secretary general and now want to invest the money, because my position I do not want to invest this money directly.

I therefore request you to manage and administer this fund since I cannot invest it personally.

You shall get 20% of the total fund.

Please in the name of God if you are not interested please destroy this mail, I am now in my country Accra Ghana.

Upon the receipt of your mail, I shall give you more information.



It came as an email (Subject: From KOFI ANNAN/0pen and read message) with a text file attached.

I guess the spammer thought his marks would feel more confident answering an email from an important and respected man like Kofi Annan and wouldn’t question why a guy with so many contacts around the world sent this to a total stranger.  But I’m glad he trusts a stranger like me to “handle this mail with utmost secrecy and confidentiality”!


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