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Published on May 1st, 2011 | by Julia


See What You Look Like in the Future Facebook Scam

See What You Look Like Facebook ScamHave you noticed the “See What You’ll Look Like in the Future” shares flooding your Facebook feed?

It’s a Facebook Scam. Beware!

Here’s what happens when you click the link:

You’ll be taken to the Facebook Fan Page and then asked to click a “Show Me” button. When you click this, you’ll be asked to click CTRL+C, ALT+D, CTRL+V and the Enter key.

When you press CTRL+C, code is copied into your clipboard, ALT+D will highlight your address bar and CTRL+V will paste the code in your address bar. Pressing Enter makes it go-go-go…

… and the scam automatically shares itself with all your friends! And makes it so it looks like you said things you never said (rude!).

Spread the word. And don’t click!

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