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Published on November 26th, 2012 | by Nick


Communicating With Ghosts 1: Seance

A seance is a great way to communicate with ghosts.

There are many, many ways for a psychic to communicate with lingering spirits. One technique, and probably the most common, is via séance.

“Séance” comes from the French word for “session” and can be conducted in many different ways. What’s important though, is to create a safe, open space where the ghost will feel comfortable either making itself visible, or even just sharing some words with those curious enough to speak to it.

Ruby, Gifted Sarah, and Ophelia conduct a successful seance in the O’Deary Library. They sit around a table and hold hands, providing a strong, unified front. The candles provide a dim light, bright enough so that they can still see but dark enough so that the ghost will be comfortable in the area. Gifted Sarah’s crystal ball allows her to see into the spirit world and more easily communicate with the ghost who cannot access that world. Finally, she speaks in a loud, confident voice. Anything less would display weakness and fear, two things that you do not want to show a lingering spirit.

And their seance worked! The ghost was provoked, throwing books and blowing out the candles, and Ava O’Deary’s spirit made itself known through Gifted Sarah in one of the craziest possessions I’ve ever seen.

Do you know of any ghosts that are haunting your house, school, or even local library? Try conducting a seance and see if they respond. Then report back here and let me know if it worked!

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