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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by Nick


Communicating With Ghosts 3: Dowsing Rods

I was telling a friend about the ghost in my cousin’s house the other day and she just wouldn’t believe me. So, with my Aunt and Uncle’s permission, I brought my friend there one night to prove I wasn’t crazy. Well, unlucky for me, the ghost refused to show itself. So we left and I looked like a crazy conspiracy theorist.

I had to prove that I was right, though. I found an interesting technique that allows you to find ghosts when you just know they’re there. All you need is a compass and two L-shaped metal rods, called dowsing rods. Dowsing rods can detect supernatural realms by detecting electromagnetic fields. It may sound complicated but it’s actually very easy to do!

First, hold the two rods loosely in your hands pointing away from your body. Then, start to move around the area you’d like to explore. If the rods cross on their own, then you may have entered the ghost’s territory. If the rods keep crossing, take out that voice recorder and listen – they may be trying to tell you something!

It might also be handy to keep a compass nearby so you can double-check your findings. If the rods cross, take out the compass and see if the needle jumps away from pointing north. If it does, then you may have struck gold – ghostly gold, that is!

One more thing to keep in mind is that dowsing rods can also respond to electricity so if they cross in the kitchen, it may just be your toaster trying to tell you your toast is ready.

What rooms in your house do you suspect to be haunted? Try to dowsing rods and see if they detect it!

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