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Published on November 19th, 2012 | by Nick


Tools For Communicating With Ghosts

What do you need to communicate with ghosts?

There are many techniques for communicating with ghosts and they all require certain tools. Some of them require very specific tools, but you’ll find that most of them use the same ones. Are you ready to learn some new techniques with me for communicating with ghosts? Make sure you always have the following handy:

  • A flashlight: Ghosts like to hide in some dark, dark places. A flashlight will help you find your way and ease your nerves if it gets a little too spooky.
  • A round table: Some techniques will require you and your friends to sit around a table and address the ghost.
  • Salt: Salt circles are common when communicating with ghosts because spirits can’t cross them. Place yourself in the middle of your salt circle to stay protected from any of the spookier ghosts.
  • Voice Recorder: We all have on of these on our cell phones now. Keep yours handy for recording sounds that our ears are deaf to.
  • Ouija board: For those ghosts that can’t communicate vocally, a ouija board will allow them to spell out their message.
  • Dowsing rods: These are two L-shaped pipes that will cross over when you enter a haunted electromagnetic area.
  • A pendulum: A pendulum is a length of chain or ribbon with a weight at the end, such as a pendant or a heavy bead.
  • Dim lighting: By darkening the room, you’re both creating a spooky atmosphere and providing a safe environment for the ghost you’re reaching out to.

The last tool that you’ll need is courage. There’s nothing to be afraid of since you’re only trying to help the ghost by communicating with it. Are you ready to talk to some dead people?

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