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Ruby Skye P.I.: The Coke Mentos Stunt

When we were writing The Spam Scam, we thought we were very clever when we came up with the idea of Ruby escaping from the bad guys by using the Coke Mentos prank we’d seen on YouTube.

In fact, we stopped writing and spent the entire afternoon watching videos on YouTube to be sure we knew how it worked.  And also because they’re so much fun to watch.

We never thought to ask whether it would work in real life.

Then the week before we were supposed to start shooting, we did a test.

Suddenly, we were very nervous.

What if it didn’t work?

It was a big moment in the script and would we ever find a way for Ruby to escape that was as fun and as spectacular as we hoped the “Coke Mentos Moment” would be?

We were very nervous as we went out to the back lane with rolls of Mentos and bottles of Diet Coke.

Jeanette, our production designer, and Kevin our stunt coordinator, manned the Coke and the candy as the rest of us stood around watching nervously.

We set the bottle on the ground and Jeanette slid the candy in.

Wow!  It was fantastic!

No trick, no secret, just Mentos and Diet Coke.

But be warned, it’s a sticky, sticky mess!

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