Meet Gifted Sarah. You may well ask what the "Gifted" in Gifted Sar..." /> Gifted Sarah Ruby Skye P.I.

Gifted Sarah

Meet Gifted Sarah.

You may well ask what the “Gifted” in Gifted Sarah refers to. Sarah has the gift.  She can foretell the future and communicate with the dead.  She is sensitive to the supernatural.

Sarah has made many amazing predictions during her career…

…some of them have even been right.

Sarah maintains a table in front of Bitondo Pizza on Clinton where she will read your palm for $10 — $15 if you’d rather your fortune didn’t include abject poverty.

Gifted Sarah specializes in contacting the spirit world. For a small fee, she can arrange for you to talk to a departed loved one. She has even been known to contact deceased pets.

Favourite Books [amazon_link id=”1594744769″ target=”_blank” ]Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children[/amazon_link], [amazon_link id=”B004UH7TP8″ target=”_blank” ]Darkness Descends[/amazon_link], A Girl’s Guide to Ghost Hunting and [amazon_link id=”1590172922″ target=”_blank” ]The Chrysalids[/amazon_link].

Favourite Harry Potter Characters: Professor Sybil Trelawney

Favourite Movie Character: Oda Mae Brown ([amazon_link id=”B001GMH8RO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Ghost[/amazon_link])


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