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Published on August 6th, 2010 | by rubyskyepi


DIY Research Divisions

By Karen Walton & Dorice Tepley

Elementary, my dear Watson!   A great motto for a very clever, world famous detective in another century. But, for the creators of Ruby Skye, P.I., solving the mystery of how to reach today’s digitally-engaged Tweens respectfully and responsibly calls for a whole new brand of sleuthing. After all, it’s one thing to create quality entertainment on multiple platforms, but quite another to make sure the kids it’s meant for can find it out in the roiling seas of the wild and wooly modern world that is ‘The Web’.

We quickly fell upon one gigantic clue:  you want to find kindred spirits on the internet?  You start looking for people already creating, discussing or supporting the very same ideas and values you do.  And you reach out, waaaaaaaaaay out — from there.

Just so happens that reaching out is something of a passion behind the scenes here.  So we knew exactly how we might crack this very intriguing case:  deputize a dazzling array of community volunteer-super-brains, each with a unique take on the Tween world… and give ‘em a simple if daunting mission:  apply your special expertise in all things social/digital/online media that might be ‘elementary’ to locating & engaging Ruby’s future friends. Oh, and if we could have something to go on in a week, ….bonus.

And so the Team Ruby Skye Research Division was born.  And boy did they deliver.  In the space of a week, our tiny band of clever amateur detectives – armed only with the search engines of their choice! – had investigated, shared & logged the online homes of dozens of creators, educators, programmers, parents, broadcasters and responsible youth entertainers in multiple countries and many languages — all ready, willing and already engaging on the very topics for Tweens we knew our first story would touch upon. From brownie makers to Kids’ Research mavens, we had a way to shout-out to all kinds of potential new friends for our teen heroine and her hoped-for fans.

Now, if you’re old enough to remember that old shampoo commercial where one girl told two friends, and so on and so on… you can see how amassing even just this many ‘engagement opportunities’ in such a short period of time should turn into quite an array of ways for anyone interested to encounter our teen hero smartly & safely.

So please take your hats off to our newly minted ace, in-house detectives! Without these folks we’d be pretty much whistling in the wind when we launch our pending Social Media campaign:   Thank you’s are due to the intrepid Stephanie Law, the discerning Angus Swantee, the quick-witted Polly Washburn, and our very own secret weapon stationed somewhere deep in Germany, Sandra Lehner, — for all their spontaneous hours of master sleuthing-sprint.

Elementary?  Try, amazing – with a little help from a lot of great friends!

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