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Published on September 14th, 2011 | by Nick


Do Websites Like To Open Gifts Too?

Nothin’ better than a good ‘ol fashion birthday!

Saturday, Kids First, the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, celebrated its 20th anniversary! What is Kids First, you ask?

Well you know when you go to Great Aunt Mary’s family BBQs every year and there’s a large dish of a greenish-brown porridge-like substance that she’s piled on to your plate in mountain-sized portions?

You know Aunt Mary it looks great. I’m just so full!

Well wouldn’t you like to have a taste of it first so you could politely tell Great Aunt Mary, “Thanks, but I don’t like it” instead of having to tell her after you’ve taken a bite and having to hear her mutter angrily to herself about you not telling her before she put the mountain-sized portion onto your plate?

Please don’t put me in your next batch, Aunt Mary! I promise I’ll eat the whole dish!

Now imagine Great Aunt Mary was Blockbuster and that disgusting porridge-like substance is the horrible movie you wasted ninety minutes of your life on.

Okay, horrible metaphor but point is with Kids First you can have a taste of the porridge-like substance before spending $6.75 on a three-day rental…and I’m afraid of my Great Aunt Mary.

If you’re looking for some info on a film before you decide to watch it, or if you’re just looking for a good movie to watch, mosey on over to Kids First and click on their “film reviews” section. The film reviews are categorized by age group and provide a recommended age, price, and synopsis, followed by a review by both an adult and a kid. That’s right – every film, DVD, CD, TV show, and game is reviewed by volunteer parents and children of that age group. Someone you can trust, unlike that awkward teenage Blockbuster employee who picks his nose while he talks to you.

We think Kids First is a great resource for kids and parents alike. Kids – you can find new movies to watch that are recommended by others your age. And parents – well, you can ensure that your kids are safe from any unsafe or harmful content.

So from all of us here at Ruby Skye P.I., we’d like to say Happy Birthday Kids First! Keep fighting the good fight!


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