Published on April 30th, 2011 | by Julia

Get An Ad-ucation

Did you know that we’re exposed to an average of 3 000 advertisements per day?

Sounds like a lot, but think about it: ads on TV, ads online, ads on billboards, ads on the subway – they’re everywhere! Everything we could ever need appears to be at our fingertips.

But come on. We all know that ads can be deceptive. The truth is, advertisers will often – erm – stretch the truth in order to get our $$. Since the majority of ads are targeted at (you guessed it!) teens, the Federal Trade Commission has come up with a new way to protect us from false advertising.

Ad-venture to Admongo – a virtual reality swimming in ads. You’ll learn who’s responsible for the ads, what they really say and what the ads want you to do. Advertisers use all different kinds of techniques to persuade consumers. Learn the techniques to discover what the ads are really saying!

With each task, you’ll have to answer three important questions:

Who is responsible for the ad?

What is the ad actually saying?

What does the ad want me to do?

The game is designed to teach us all about advertising so that we can make better decisions about what we consume. Happy ad-ucating!



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