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Published on September 26th, 2011 | by Julia


Got A Touch of Genius?

Amanda Forsyth sure does. As an 11-year-old astronomy-prodigy, she was one of two hundred highly-gifted insanely-intelligent kids invited to attend the Superior Thinking and Advanced Research Academy last year.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the professors running the school weren’t exactly the top scientists of the world, but, well, aliens plotting to take over the earth (no big deal). Good thing Amanda and her friends Sanjay, Derek and Evelyn were able to stop them!

Sound like fun? Welcome to STAR Academy by Edward Kay. This past week launched the release of the book’s sequel, STAR Academy: Dark Secrets.


In Dark Secrets, the Academy has been shut down due to the alien incident, and the super-smart foursome are back at their different homes, living in different countries. Amanda has been singled out as Amanda Forsythe who saved the world from space aliens – junk-food snack companies want to use her in commercials and famous rapper Emcee Squared wants to feature her in his video.

None of that is all too interesting to Amanda. All she wants is for STAR Academy to reopen so she and her friends have a place to study together!

When Bill Snootman (yes, Snootman as in Eugenia Snootman, Eugenia Snootman as in the bully who did everything imaginable to sabotage Amanda and her friends last year!) threatens to sue Amanda for 100 million dollars in damages for contributing to his daughter’s transformation into alien form, Amanda seizes the opportunity.

See, Snootman strikes up a deal with Amanda: if Amanda can turn Eugenia back, he’ll drop the lawsuit. Amanda, brain that she is, has to think fast. If she’s going to uncover how to fix Eugenia, she’s going to need a place to experiment and study – and she’s going to need the help of other child super-geniuses just like her.

She convinces Bill Snootman to reopen the Academy – but it’s kind of tough for Amanda to enjoy the school year with this lawsuit hanging over her head. If she doesn’t figure out how to de-alien Eugenia, Amanda and her parents are done for.

And something’s not right at the Academy – why is Professor Thorne so discouraging of Amanda’s experiments to help return Eugenia to human form?

Is Amanda really in as far over her head as he thinks she is? And who’s been tampering with the Zero-G chamber? Amanda could have been killed.

Join Amanda, Sanjay, Derek and Evelyn in STAR Academy: Dark Secrets.

One thing’s for sure: nothing gets in the way of this fantastic foursome. After all, friendship and genius together must be unstoppable… right?

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