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Tips to a cool summer with you and your dog

Summers are all about hanging out by the pool with some lemonade and a couple of hot dogs. Well, maybe one hot dog, and a cool puppy.

With the heat, water and travel that takes up most of our summers, we need summer activities to keep those four-legged friends healthy and happy. Here are a few ideas to try out with Fido:

Cool Pooch: The best part of summer are those hot lazy days, but imagine just how hot those days are when you’re covered in fur. If you catch your pooch panting or getting all drooly it might be a sign of heat stroke. Let him rinse under the hose, rest in the shade or a wading pool, drink a small amount of water or quickly get him inside. Dog houses can trap heat!

Walkin’ the Dog: When you’re parading her around the neighborhood, don’t exercise her too hard on humid days. Take her out in the cooler hours of the day, when the sun is low. Stay off the roads or sand, those can heat up quick! Take a grassy stroll, or trek through wooded paths. And don’t forget to check her fur for ticks when you get back home (and check yourself while you’re at it!)

Em-barking on a Trip: Traveling by car, drop some icepacks into his crate–the nontoxic ones in case he decides to chew! Bring along water for him to drink, and maybe even a spray bottle to cool him down between stops.

Never leave a dog in a car unattended. Even with the windows open, it can heat up like an oven in there, and your dog could get seriously injured.

dogsThese are just some of the ways to keep your furry friend safe as summer takes over.

And remember if you have any Qs about your dogs health check with your local vet.

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