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Wiccan What?

The Truth About Wiccans.

You may have heard of Wiccans or people practicing the religion of Wicca. If you haven’t, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about them. And to bust some myths that most people believe as fact. Silly people.

A lot of people (incorrectly) assume that Wiccans are devil-worshippers and essentially love evil. I’m here to tell you that that is 100% false. You’d never believe this but Wiccan’s are big fans of our favourite holiday. That’s right. We’re talking about… Samhain!!!! What did you think I was going to say?

Samhain is the Gaelic Harvest Festival held at Halloween.

Wiccans love nature, just like our ancient Celtic friends. What confuses people is that Wiccans believe in a Horned God that most people assume is the devil. The Horned God actually represents forests and animals (again, yay nature!) and the realm beyond death. So WRONG AGAIN!

You may have also seen pentagrams (five-pointed stars) that people associate with the devil.

Well, again, this notion is GARBAGE. Each point actually symbolizes a natural element: air, water, earth and fire to come together at the top to make up the spirit. Everyone, repeat after me: WRONG AGAIN!

So what do Wiccans do on Halloween? Much like those who celebrate Day of the Dead, they celebrate those who have passed on. Sometimes, the ghosts of the dead are invited to attend the festivities. It’s always more “spirited” after that. Get it? Get it? Ah, forgettaboutit.

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