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Published on September 1st, 2010 | by rubyskyepi


Brownie Wars

Brownies by Ruby Skye P.I.It’s the brownie wars on the set of Ruby Skye PI.

Many people have checked out the recipe for Ruby’s Roasted Marshmallow Brownies — the brownies featured in our trailer.

I baked those brownies myself using a variation on my sister-in-law Andrea Goldman‘s amazing brownie recipe, the variation being the marshmallows on top.

For the teaser shoot, I baked doubles (two batches, just in case) and so we had a lot of leftovers. Everyone on the very small crew that shot the teaser went home that night with a care package. Everyone raved.

Karen WaltonSomehow, my fellow executive producer, Karen Walton, imagines that she can bake a better brownie.

She’s been mouthing off about it for weeks, but despite the fact that she’s dating a fabulous chef and former pastry chef and has access to a restaurant kitchen, we have seen nary a brownie crumb.

Oh yeah, she brought the much appreciated special delivery package to set, but there was no home baking in it, I assure you.

And when she waxes poetic about the brownie recipe she claims to possess, she keeps mentioning raspberries.

Raspberries? In brownies? Really?

I hate to tell you, Karen, raspberries might be a delicious and wonderful fruit, but no one wants fruit in their brownies. The only thing anyone wants adding to the chocolate-y goodness of brownies is more sugar (and possibly nuts).

Am I right?

While we’re waiting for Walton to put her money where her mouth is and show up with some brownies. Ruby’s always up for trying a new brownie recipe, especially when she needs to persuade Hailey to help her with something.

And Karen, if you ever get it together, the crew is standing by ready to act as judges.

Your brownies against mine, any day.

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