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Conservation of Energy

So I’ve been doing a lot of research on the existence of ghosts and how they could be possible. The most convincing theory I’ve found (so far) is “conservation of energy”.

It breaks down like this: all of us are made up of energy, although some of us have more than others. Generally, kids have more energy than adults, which is why, by the time you hit 14, it gets harder for you to wake up before noon on a Saturday.

The law of conservation of energy (and this is real science here, folks) states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. That means that we have the same amount of energy in our bodies when we die as we do when we are alive. Our energy can move around our bodies, it can change what it does inside of our bodies, but it never leaves. So if our energy is never destroyed, that’s got to mean that when we die, it stays behind, right? Now normally, your energy would be free to roam wherever it pleases in the Universe. But according to ghost theorists, circumstances at the time of their death create a strong tie between that location and their energy. To put it simply, they are stuck in the place where they died.

Check out the sweet video above that explains the law of conservation of energy a little better than I did.

That would explain the ghost in my cousin’s house. The little girl’s immediate and horrific death was under such circumstances that she was forever tied to that house, and more specifically that stairway. If only there were some way to communicate with her to really find out…

I think that this theory makes sense but I definitely need some more opinions. What do you think? Is this a plausible?

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