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Published on July 1st, 2012 | by Jill


Water Bottle Crafts

Save a plastic water bottle from the landfill with these great crafts!

All you need are a few art supplies and your imagination.

Here are some of our favourite crafts using disposable plastic water bottles.

Water Bottle Planters:

Use a funnel to partially fill a plastic bottle with soil.  Screw the top back onto the bottle and lie it on it’s side.  Cut out a hole on the side of the bottle for your plant to grow out of.  You can grow your plant from seed or plant a seedling into the bottle.  Just add sun and water!

Water Bottle Crafts | Ruby Skye PI

Cuff bracelets:

Cut out a two ridge wide circle of plastic. Trim half an inch off each end to fit your wrist. Decorate.

Sister Diana at Crafty Pod has detailed directions and lots of pictures.


Water Bottle Crafts | Ruby Skye PI

Flowers in Pots:

Cut out petals leaving the bottle cap in place and then decorate with craft paper or fabric.

Crissy’s Crafts has detailed instructions all in pictures.

Bottle Bottom Garlands

If you’re using the tops and middles for other crafts, you’ll be left with a bunch of bottle bottoms. They often have wonderful detailed construction so don’t throw them away. Grab some paint or fine tipped markers and turn them into Christmas tree decorations or hanging flowers.

More details at Artesan.

Another way to use bottle bottoms is to bake them in the oven to shrink them into melted flower-shaped medallians that can be strung. Check out the instructions on My Roman Apartment.

Homemade Beads

Make beautiful beads and string them into necklaces and bracelets. You can even combine them with beads from other sources. Start by cutting bottles into strips. Use markers to decorate each strip and then roll the strip around a pencil to give it a bead-like shape. Tie a string around each rolled bead to hold it in shape. Place the tied and rolled plastic strips on a foil lined baking sheet and bake at 300 until the edges start to get soft — 2-5 minutes. Be careful! Plastic can burn! Let the beads cool and then string them anyway you like.

Be sure to read the detailed instructions on Family Fun before you start!

Water Bottle Tiara

Every good environmentalist deserves a crown!  Use large (2 litre) plastic bottles to make a beautiful crown.  Cut out a nice wide circle of plastic from the bottle.  Using markers, draw your crown shape.  Decorate with glitter.  Let dry.  Then cut out the details.  Wear with pride!

For more detailed instructions on crown making, check out  Paper, Plate and Plane.

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