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A Chat With Kevin Gutierrez

Julia interviews Ruby Skye P.I.’s very own Kevin Gutierrez who plays Ruby’s BFF and prime suspect, Griffin Lane.

Julia: What made you interested in acting? How did you get started?

Kevin: My older sister was already in acting which made it easier for me to get a start but I decided I wanted to get into acting on my own. My friends have always suggested I get into it, but it wasn’t till after I started making my own videos with friends that I knew I wanted to act.

Julia: According to Ruby, Griffin is her “sidekick,” but she gets him in a lot of trouble. Do you relate to Griffin at all? How are you like your character?

Kevin: Yeah, I do think I can relate to Griffin. Although I don’t believe I am anyone’s “sidekick”, Griffin is laid-back, kept to himself, and scared of clowns, which is a lot like me.

Julia: Do you have any role models? Who inspires you?

Kevin: In terms of acting, Will Smith has always been a role model of mine. He’s amazing in everything he does and has the ability to play a wide range of different characters. He truly is an inspiration.

Julia: What was it like being on set?

Kevin: It was my first time on a set and it was an exciting and a fun experience for me. I enjoyed working with the cast and crew. They taught me a lot. Plus the food was good, which was a bonus.

Julia: What was your favourite scene to shoot? Why?

Kevin: My favourite scene to shoot had to have been the one where we escaped from the closet, because we got to shoot coke and mentos at the janitor. Although it was tons of fun, this scene was slightly challenging because we weren’t allowed to smile or laugh.

Julia: Any advice for young performers just starting out?

Kevin: I, myself, am just starting out as well, so all I can really say is stay positive. Don’t give up, don’t be hard on yourself, and try to have fun no matter what. Acting is very challenging, but if you love it, it’s rewarding in the end.

Julia: What next? Do you plan to pursue acting in the future?

Kevin: I am open to any possibilities that come my way. I also have hockey and soccer to consider but I hope that I always stay involved with acting no matter what.

If you read Julia’s interview with Madison Cheeatow (Ruby Skye) last week then you know that the filming the scene in the closet was her favourite scene too.  Why?  Because it was awesome!  Here’s a behind the scenes video of us shooting that scene so you see how awesome it really was.

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