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Hello Hailey

Hailey Skye is Ruby’s sister.

Or as Ms. Springer calls her “Hailey Skye, Ruby’s younger — yet smarter — sister.”

It’s true, Hailey does sometimes get the better of Ruby — stealing her brownies or demanding to be taken shopping in return for helping solving a mystery.

But look at if from Hailey’s point of view.  Ruby has a bad habit of dragging her little sister into situations without Hailey’s consent.  And Hailey really is a lot of help when there’s detecting to be done!

She’s a geek, a Nerdfighter and web wizard.  She loves fashion and makeup but she also cares deeply about important social causes.  That’s why Hailey is campaigning to Ban Plastic Water Bottles and raising money for Because I Am A Girl.

Find Hailey on the Web:

Hailey’s tumblr: Hailey’s Web Wizardry

Hailey Skye’s Amazon Wish List

Hailey’s Twitter

Favourite books: The Fault in Our Stars, Little Brother,Harry Potter, An Abundance of Katherines, Coraline

Favourite Harry Potter character: Fred Weasley

Favourite band: The Mint Chip Girls

Hailey’s favourite causes:  Ban the Bottle, Because I Am A Girl

Hailey’s favourite TV shows: Glee, Doctor Who

Hailey’s favourite vloggers: Hank and John Green, Charlie, Miss Glamorazzi

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is the creator of Ruby Skye P.I. She loves a good mystery... as long as it's not the case of the missing iPhone. She lives in Toronto.

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