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Published on November 4th, 2010 | by Ruby Skye


A Scam By Any Other Name

advancedfeefraudEmail scam… Nigerian scam… 419 scam… Advance Fee Fraud…

All different names, but the game is still the same. Contact a stranger. Gain their confidence. Rip them off.

It’s often called the Nigerian scam because many many of the letters, faxes and emails used to come from Nigeria. Sometimes, the story about the money was set in Nigeria.

According to the internet, 419 is the section of the Nigerian criminal code that covers fraud.

Advance fee fraud is the name that best describes what happens. The scammer promises you a lot of money, but you have to pay a much smaller fee in advance to get the money.

In Mrs. Gooje’s case, the advance fee was to pay off tax collectors and lawyers. Sometimes, it to pay bank fees or inheritance taxes. Sometimes, the money is supposed to be for bribes.

No matter what the story they tell you is, the advance fee goes straight into the scammer’s pocket and the big pay off never comes your way!!!

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