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Chapter 4 Ruby Skye PI: Everyone’s A Suspect Recap

Distractions, dancing, detectives and mean girls, if you missed Chapter 4: Everyone’s a Suspect than this is the recap for you.

Dressed as her boy alter ego “Ruben”, Ruby, finds herself in quite the bind when searching for clues in FONK founder Colin Cumberbund’s office when the one person she was desperate to avoid rounds the corner – Detective Von Schlagen! Running the risk of being caught red handed Ruby silently pleads with Edmund to help buy her some more time. And so it is that a quick thinking Edmund relies on the power of dance to confound and enthral both Det. Von Schlagen and Colin. Though neither can say they’re particularly impressed.

Sweet moves bro

But with the time Edmund’s dance buys her Ruby’s able to set up a camera, grab a few more clues (and a handful of peanuts) before hightailing it out of there.

Ch 4 What I'm Hungry

Once they’re in the clear Ruby leads Edmund to a broom closet where she reveals she’s set up a camera in Colin’s recently vacated office. Edmund’s camera to be precise. Ruby and Edmund then watch as Det. Von Schlagen questions both Colin and Reeny Mussolini (who as per usual is hopped up on caffeine.)

As the detective grills the FONK employees, though he doesn’t know it both he and Ruby find something suspicious in Reeny’s behaviour. And that alibi? Madam Butterfly’s School of Kickboxing and Macrame? Intriguing indeed.

Ch4 Reeny Coffee Pot

Due to her curious behaviour and rather weak alibi Ruby’s got her sights set on Reeny as suspect #1.

With a new lead seemingly falling right in her lap and having escaped detection by Von Schlagen Ruby’s feeling mighty pleased with herself, that is until arch nemesis Diana Noughton shows up.

Ch 4 Diana Eyebrow Raise

Never one to miss an opportunity to call Ruby out Diana happily exposes her ruse to Cumberbund and Von Schlagen and gleefully rips off Ruby’s faux beard. Ouch. That’s gotta sting.

Ch4 Diana Ruby Beard_2

Despite a little mean girl drama Ruby’s still on the prowl to find out just what Ms. Mussolini’s been up to. This case may not take too long to crack after all.

Ch4 Mustache Rip

The episode’s best line? “Ruben…you’re a girl!” Courtesy of Colin Cumberbund.

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