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Dear Diary: Bullying and the Secret Life of Girls

Dear Diary,

I don’t know what to do. Everyday she makes fun of me, calls me names, and texts mean things about me to all my friends, but today was the worst of all! She totally humiliated me in the hallway after class, showing everyone what was inside my gym bag, even the boys saw! Everyone was laughing at me, how can I ever go back there again?

Does this sound at all familiar?

Maybe you’re the one writing this, maybe you’re the person standing in the background laughing, or maybe you’re doing the bullying.

Dealing with bullies isn’t easy, especially if it’s another girl who’s bullying you. Because we girls know that boys aren’t the only bullies out there.

mean girls bullying

Whether she’s making you do her homework, spreading rumors, or telling everyone to give you the “silent treatment”, it can be hard to defend yourself against a mean girl or a bully. I’d love to tell you that it’s easy to stop a girl from bullying you, but the truth is that it isn’t always simple.

Did you know that nearly one in three girls will experience bullying in school and that girls are more likely to be bullied over the Internet or  suffer “cyberbullying” more than boys? Most of the time, the girls being bullied don’t speak out, they keep it a secret because they’re scared, and that can be part of the problem.


So if there is no quick and simple solution to bullying, how can you stop a bully from ruining your life?

  • Tell an adult. I know, I know, you don’t want to be a snitch, but going to an adult is the best way to find the help you need, trust me. You’ll feel better talking to someone about it and it’s not like they are going to go around telling everybody what you say. If you are still unsure, you can call an anonymous helpline such as KidsHelpPhone 1-800-668-6868.
  • Stand up for yourself. Look her in the eye, tell her what you think, and then calmly walk away. You don’t have to yell, or make a scene, but it’s time to let that girl know that she has to show you some respect. You may not believe me, but it really isn’t important what that bully thinks of you, it’s important what you think of yourself. You’re better than her, so show her that you are.
  • Make new friends. Bringing in a new circle of friends can really make you feel better about yourself. Find people who have similar interests to you and try to avoid the bully and her friends altogether. You need to find friends who are willing to stand by you. If your friends are letting some other girl push you around, then you need friends who won’t stand for that nonsense.

The most important thing to remember is not to blame yourself! No one deserves to be treated that way and there is no reason for girls to bully each other. If you see someone being bullied, you should also tell an adult, don’t leave that person all alone to fight by herself. It takes more than one person to stop a bully.

Need some more help or advice on bullying or cyberbullying? Visit these sites for some useful information.


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