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How to Make Your House Seem Haunted for Halloween: Sound Effects Edition

Want your house to sound haunted for Halloween? Easy peasy, rice and cheesy. All you need is a tape recorder (or let’s face it, your phone will do just fine) some friends and a lot of noise.

1. Howling wolves

Have your friends (or maybe a neighbourhood dog) howl for a while. By itself, it might sound lame, but if you mix it in with the other sounds, it’ll be amazing!

2. Everyone loves a Slinky!

Have a friend stand at the top of a staircase and have them drop a metal slinky all the way down to you at the bottom. The metal clanking and increased speed of motion will make it sound like something creepy is coming your way.

  3. Creaking

Have a step or a door that needs serious oiling? Before you fix them, record the sounds they make! Guaranteed, something creaking makes things 100% scarier.

  4. Pop it!

Blow up a balloon and pop it. It’ll sound like a gunshot and will be sure to surprise your guests!

    5. Whistle While You Work

Remember those kid’s microphones that made your voice sound all funny? They make a great addition to our sound effects. Just blow lightly into them, and BAM, you have eerie wind.

Some more ideas are slamming doors, banging cookie sheets to create thunder, pouring rice onto the cookie sheets to make rain and of course, a good old-fashioned scream.

Mix these elements all together with your favourite horror movie score and you’ve made your house drop-dead frightening.


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