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Interview with Madison Cheeatow and Jill Golick

Madison Cheeatow talks about playing Ruby Skye

Star Madison Cheeatow and creator Jill Golick talked to Carly Lanning of New Media Rockstars about getting Ruby Skye P.I. made, audience interaction and what the future might hold for Ruby and her friends!

In this rare interview with Madison, we learn about the audition process and how she was chosen for the starring role of Ruby Skye.  Jill goes on to say that from the moment she saw her picture, Madison was her number one choice to play Ruby — and then Madison turned up at the audition and gave a perfect performance as the character.

 …it was just a really excited thing to be involved with, I think. It’s a great character and it’s a great story, and it’s really fun to do. So, there was no real choice; just, ‘I definitely want to do this, for sure’.

Talking about the audience for Ruby Skye P.I., Jill says “kids are the most avid users of online video out of anybody.  They have no preconceived notions about whether something has been on television or whether it’s original to the web. They just want a good story.”

Watch the whole interview in the video above and then check out Carly Lanning’s additional comments over on NMR.

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