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The Haunted Library on iTunes

Can Ruby save the library?

Ruby is investigating the possible haunting of the O’Deary Library when the library’s owner, Ava O’Deary dies.
The Haunted Library on iTunes
The relatives arrive for the reading of the will, but there is no will… until Ruby finds a hidden video.  Ava O’Deary has left her relatives a challenge: find 10 clues to find her will.

The Haunted Library on iTunes







The relatives line up to hire Ruby to find the will for them. She doesn’t trust any of them but she starts to collect the clues anyway.

The Haunted Library on iTunes

The Haunted Library on iTunes

Of course, Diana is bugging Ruby every step of the way… And Ruby is driving Hailey crazy!

I Hate You (Small)Coffee (Small)

And then there’s this boy!

Little-Brother-4-TumblrLook 2

Can Ruby find the will and save the library? Find out in The Haunted Library.

The Haunted Library on iTunes

In The Haunted Library, Ruby investigates a possible ghost in the spooky old O’Deary Library. Before long, she stumbles on a second mystery: a missing will. With the fate of the library and a fortune hanging in the balance, Ruby follows the clues that lead through some of the most beloved books in children’s and young adult fiction. With the “ghost” interfering every step of the way, Ruby finds herself in a race to find the will in time to save the library. Watch The Haunted Library on iTunes today.

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