Great Moments in GIFting

The gang at Ruby Skye P.I. got in the holiday spirit with a collection of some of our favourite GIFts.  Not everyone deserved what they got, but it sure was fun.

Our Great Moments in GIFting are taken from The Maltese Puppy and The Haunted Library.

Great Moments in GIFting

If you’ve made any GIFs from the Ruby Skye P.I. videos, we’d love to see them.  Share them with us via Twitter, we’re @RubySkyePI.  Or post them to Instagram and share them with us there.

Of course this whole post only works if you pronounce the “g” in GIF like you pronounce the “g” in GIFT.  The second you start pronouncing that “g” like it’s a J (as in jiffy) we have to start a whole new post.  But for now it’s fun!

And remember it’s better to give than to recieve and always fun to GIF (no matter how you pronounce it)!

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