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Making a Halloween Costume on a Budget

Have a great idea for a Halloween costume but have no idea how you’ll afford crazy costume store prices? Now, don’t go smashing your piggy banks or begging your parents for their Visas. There’s a simpler (and much cheaper) way.

  1.  Go local.

Before stepping out to the shops, have you gone through your place first? No? You could have a whole treasure trove of costume material right at your fingertips! Look through your outfits or anyone else’s (once you get permission of course. No need to have your sister freaking out that you tore up her favourite sweater) and see it any thing can be mixed, matched and modified. You may already have what you need.

2. Get creative!

Throwing out some old sheets? Have any kind of art supplies? Boom, you’ve got yourself a cape. See where I’m going with this? Try to look beyond the obvious when you go through your household items, especially recyclables. Egg cartons and toilet paper rolls when painted can easily transform you into a robot. You may find some hidden treasures in places you never would have looked at before

3. Stay Thrifty.

Speaking of hidden treasures, if you must spend money, (which is totally fine, it would be amazing if  you could find everything you needed at home!) why not check out a second hand store or thrift shop? Even the local Salvation Army has some great finds for very little. Not only will you not spend much but you’re guaranteed to have a unique outfit for Halloween.

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