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Meet a Nominee: Mike Reisacher

Mike Reisacher edits Ruby Skye P.I.

The fabulous Mike Reisacher is nominated for two Indie Soap Awards for his work on Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library. One nomination is in the category of Best Editing and the other is in the category of Best Visual/Special Effects.

Mike did a tremendous job on the special effects for The Haunted Library. There are quite a few cool moments. One of my favourites is in Episode 2, when Ruby sprinkles phosphorescent powder on the library floor and it disappears and then turns blue. I also love all the things he did with text. In Episode 4, the letters in the first clue travel from Ruby to Hailey and then separate out to reveal the hidden message. Mike gave each clue it’s own personality. There’s Clue 4, the big chicken, that takes off when Ruby and Hailey hear noises in Episode 4. And Clue #6 which carefully deposits itself in Ruby’s bag.

We’ve paired Episode 4 with this post because it is a great showcase of Mike’s work.

Mike Reisacher has been recognized for his work on Ruby Skye P.I. He was won an L.A.Web Fest Outstanding Achievement Award for his work on season 1: The Spam Scam.

We’d love to see him win two more. Fingers crossed that he’s a winner times two at the 4th Indie Soap Awards on February 19, 2013.

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