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Misunderstood Witches

When I was growing up (many eons ago) my biggest wish was to have magical powers. I had a great love for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (this was before Harry Potter, people) and I desperately wanted to be Sabrina. However, it’s only recently that witches and their supernatural friends have been so welcomed by the public. How else could Harry Potter have become the fastest-selling franchise in the world? (We’re going to ignore the existence of Fifty Shades of Grey because of reasons. Also it’s just not good.)

Even before I was born, so even more eons ago, witches were totally misunderstood. Well, they weren’t witches at all. Many were just bright, outspoken women, much like Ruby Skye. However, lots of people couldn’t handle that and these women were put on trial and burned at the stake! Literally, not cool!!!

People believed these women were (once again, repeat after me) devil-worshippers. If anything in society went wrong, like a child’s death or crop failure no one blamed it on the actual guilty party (which in these cases, was most likely the weather). Instead these folk blamed the supernatural because that was their only option apparently. Science wasn’t a big thing back then.

Anyway, many innocent people (mostly women) died due to this horrible intolerance and while we don’t condemn witches anymore (at least, most of us don’t), there’s still plenty of intolerance in the world.

Here at Ruby Skye, we like to celebrate what makes us the same but also what makes us different. So no more witch trials, you hear? Good.

Here’s the Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie from 1996. Enjoy the nostalgia.


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