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What’s your passion?

Ruby Skye’s got a Passion for Investigation

Our Ruby is always sleuthing away. She sometimes jumps to conclusions that get her and her friends into trouble, but she has a true passion and she’ll never give up on the thing she loves most: solving mysteries.

Now, that’s all well and good for Ruby Skye P.I., but what about the rest of us? It isn’t easy finding that one thing you love that makes you… well you! It’s time we girls start expressing ourselves!  But what if you don’t have a passion? Do you ever feel like you aren’t that good at anything?

Ruby’s always got a lot to learn. The key to her success? She never gives up on a mystery! So don’t worry if you aren’t the best at your passion right away. The most important thing is to find something you have fun doing and that makes you happy, that’s how you’ll find your inner girl power! Let me see if I can help you find something you love with these easy steps:

  1. Find a pen, paper, and a pair of scissors
  2. Cut out five strips of paper
  3. On each strip, write one thing that you love to do, or that you might be interested in trying out
  4. Fold each paper and place them in a bowl
  5. At the beginning of the week, pull out one piece of paper. That is the passion you’ll try out for the next week or so!
  6. Now you have to try and live your passion ok?! If you picked writing, then write a poem or short story; if you picked singing, then practice your Beyonce in the shower or host a concert for your friends.
  7. If you decide you want to try something else, just pick another passion out of the bowl!


Stephanie’s List of Favourite Things

Sports (soccer, hockey, volley-ball etc.)

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