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Published on June 3rd, 2011 | by JulieG


Wired: Cool Kid Detective!

Wired‘s Geek Dad ran a feature piece on Ruby Skye P.I. yesterday written by James Floyd Kelly.

Ruby Skye, P.I. hooked me well and good.

It’s a fantastic piece and we’re very excited to have Ruby introduced to Geek Dad’s audience.

As I continued to watch the series and be introduced to key characters, I was happy to see that the character of Ruby (and her friends and family) don’t seem to fall into stereotypes. The adults are typically the ones with weird or unusual behaviors, and it’s the kids who really have it together. Yes, there’s rivalry between Ruby and another girl in her class, but it’s not overplayed or allowed to run wild. There’s a hint of romance between Ruby and her best male friend, but it’s never risque and, again, not allowed to run wild. For a nice change, we have a young lady who is not insecure and speaks her mind (Ruby), a tech-savvy sister (Hailey) who isn’t nerdy (but she’s certainly geeky – a good thing!), and a polite-but-shy teenage boy (Griffin) as primary characters.

As part of the article, there’s a long interview with Ruby Skye P.I. creator, Jill Golick.

GD: There are hints at the end of the twelfth episode of a new mystery – will there be another 12-episode story arc? Are there any plans for shorter or longer stories to be told?

JG: We plan to shoot Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library this summer. At this stage, we are thinking of rolling it out in 12-episodes once again. If anyone has any thoughts on this, we’re listening. We try to make our episodes the length that the story wants them to be. It isn’t TV so we can make things any length and we’re always listening to our audience. We’re here to serve and entertain and are delighted to have input on choices like this.

GD: What’s in store for Ruby? Is there to be a budding romance between Ruby and Griffin? Will we see more tension between Ruby and Diana? (And where did you find the actress to play Ms. Springer? That lip-sneer-smile is hilarious!)

JG: Ruby is in for a lot more mystery. She’ll definitely keep fighting with Hailey, but Hailey will get sucked into the mysteries more and become Ruby’s reluctant go-to-geek. There’s more romance to come – Ruby is getting older! Diana will continue to be a thorn in her side, but we will come to understand her a little better. We will likely see more of the wonderful Nawa Nicole Simon who plays Ms. Springer. We love her!

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