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Published on October 15th, 2010 | by rubyskyepi


Hailey’s Anti-Water Bottle Campaign

In The Spam Scam, Hailey Skye carries around a petition asking City Hall to ban plastic water bottles. She asks everyone she meets to sign it.

Here’s what Hailey’s petition says:

We the undersigned believe that water is a human right and urge City Hall to ban bottled water for the following reasons:

Bottled water makes people think that tap water isn’t safe;

Bottling, manufacturing and transporting bottled water wastes massive amounts of fossil fuel.

Bottled water wastes public water that citizens need. It takes three to five litres of water to manufacture a one litre plastic bottle of water. Water shortages have been reported in the Great Lakes region near water bottling plants.

Bottled water creates huge garbage and recycling problems.

Therefore, we ask City Hall to disposable plastic water bottles so future generations can enjoy a clean environment. We hope you understand the gravity of the situation and will support our noble cause. Down with plastic!

When we launch our website, we’ll have an online petition for you to sign if you support Hailey’s cause.

Skye SistersWe’ll also be running the Skye Sisters Tap Water Campaign. You can join Ruby and Hailey in their fight to end plastic water bottle pollution by pledging to stop drinking from disposable bottles.

We’ll have lots more information about water, water bottle pollution and what you can do right here on when the series launches on October 25th 2010.

For now, why not go’s petition for an international treaty to provide clean water everywhere.  You can sign the petition right here!

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