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Keeping Up with Because I Am A Girl

Need the latest Because I Am A Girl news?

Find it almost anywhere you look on the web!

Because I Am a Girl is awesome because it educates people and shows them how they can make a difference. They’ve made this even easier with special updates and newsletters that are super-easy to get.

My favorite is the Girls News Webcast. The host, Christina, looks at different issues and shows you how you can help. These webcasts have lots of stories of the people Because I Am a Girl wants to help. A lot of these people are girls just like you!

There are other really cool updates you can get sent to your e-mail. Go to the Because I Am a Girl website and sign-up for the updates. You’ll learn more about people Because I Am a Girl is helping, fundraising ideas more stories about how Because I Am a Girl is helping girls all over the world.

Check out the Facebook page to keep up on all the latest Because I Am A Girl news and to connect with other girls.  Because I Am A Girl Canada is on Twitter, too!  And they have a YouTube Channel you can subscribe to.

And don’t forget, you can always make a donation to Hailey Skye’s Because I Am A Girl Campaign to Change the World!

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