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Published on January 14th, 2013 | by Nick


Paranormal Pets

Invisible doggie kisses. Phantom barks. A leash at the door. Who put it there? Much like humans, our pets can become ghosts, but they don’t normally stick around very long. There have been numerous reports of dead dogs and cats jumping on beds in the middle of the night or a flash of them running towards their favorite napping spot.

Other ghost pets aren’t as cute and cuddly. Phantom horses have been spotted dashing across streets and ghost bears have launched attacks on buildings. In both cases, humans have mistaken these for real animals and fled only to realize later that there was nothing there.

Like a legitimate psychic, our pets also have a great sense for the paranormal. Some animals react strongly to a ghostly presence and can often sniff out the cold, terrifying feeling of a lingering spirit. Stacey Graham’s book The Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide provides some insight into our pets’ abilities to detect ghosts. She lists the following as signs that Spot is trying to alert you of a spiritual presence:

–          Growling or barking at something you can’t see.
–          Refusing to go into certain rooms.
–          Whimpering or other scared behavior.

Does your pet do any of these things? If so, I would grab those dowsing rods and see if there’s anything there.

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