Rock Paper Scissors

Published on December 21st, 2010 | by Vinnie


Fox Gun Man

Here’s an Rock Paper Scissors variation we made up ourselves. Fox Gun Man game is played just like RPS.

The Fox is the sacred totem of the Fox clan and the only thing that can bring him down is the Gun. But the man who shoots the gun is superior to the Gun. And the Fox, which is so important and powerful to the Fox clan, is superior to Man.

Gun beats Fox. Man beats Gun. Fox beats Man.

To make a fox put your thumb to your ear and stretch out your other fingers.

Make a gun exactly the way you expect to; thumb up, pointer forward and your other fingers curled into your palm.

To make a man, curl your fingers into a fist, point your hand down and extend your pointer and middle finger like walking legs.


About the Author

is the former janitor at Dragon Academy. He is currently making license plates at an undisclosed location. Vinnie is an ardent fan of Rock Paper Scissors.

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