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Published on December 13th, 2010 | by Vinnie


Zen Rock Paper Scissors

Zen out with these RPS variations from Moon Fish Ocean:

  • Moon is a fist.
  • Fish is two fingers spread.
  • Ocean is a flat hand with fingers together.
  • Ocean captures the moon’s reflection. Fish rule the ocean. And moon’s gravitation (otherwise known as the tide) pulls fish.
  • Or try the Bridge, Stream, Boulder variation version:
  • Make a bridge by spreading your thumb and pointer finger into an arch.
  • Stream is a flat(ish) palm.  Your fingers don’t need to be together.
  • Make a boulder by making a fist.
  • Bridge crosses stream.  Stream flows around boulder. Boulder topples bridge.

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is the former janitor at Dragon Academy. He is currently making license plates at an undisclosed location. Vinnie is an ardent fan of Rock Paper Scissors.

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