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Improv Games!

Hand up if you love playing games? Hand up if you love having fun? Great, now both your hands are in the air. Now wave them around like you’re pants are on fire! I think that’s how the saying goes.

One of my favourite and fun games to play is the “Actor’s Nightmare.” If you’re someone who struggles to think of something to say, or if you’re someone who loves coming up with a witty comeback, this is the game for you!


Game details: 2 or more people. Normal improv scene, but twist is that one person can speak only using the words of a play or a text message. The other person has to justify what they’re saying.      to_be_or_not_to_be

For example:

Person 1: I really want Alex to show up to our party tonight.

Person 2 (reading from a text): I pet a horse today.

Person 1: Yeah, the zoo was so much fun today! It got me excited for tonight.

Person 2 (text): The camel spit on me!

And so on.

Person 1 has to keep coming up with reasons why Person 2’s line makes sense for the scene. Person 2 doesn’t have the pressure of coming up with lines, but it’s really fun to watch if they’re very physical, like building a sandcastle, and saying their lines with an emotion. Super fun for the audience and the improviser’s!

Do you have any improv games you like to play? What are your favourites?

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